Our Mission

Math is Beautiful.

We are seriusly commited to provide the state of art user-friendly mathematical software tools and services for both students and professional researchers.


Easy to use and powerful expression editor.

  • Visual(WYSIWYG) math editor
  • Support full math symbol keys
  • Support keywords
  • Problem templates for common problems

Detailed and animatable step-by-step solution.

  • Easily browsable static solution document
  • Animatable solution procedures
  • Multiple solutions provided when alternative solution methods are avaiable
  • Cite the formula applied in the solution

Automatic problem type recognition and problem text generation.

  • Extract the problem type from the typed-in expressions only.
  • Generate verbal problem statements from pure input problem expressions.

Cover most of the subjects in mathematics, including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1/2, and Calculus, for both students and researchers


  • Number
    • Integer, decimal
    • Fraciton, mixed number
    • Complex
  • Expression
    • Polynomial
    • Rational
    • Radical
    • Logarithm, exponential
    • Radical
  • Equation and Inequality
  • Function
    • Operations
    • Domain, range, Inverse
  • Matrix
    • Operations
    • Inverse, degterminant
  • Graph


  • Limit
  • Derivative
  • Integral
State of Art

To provide powerful and useful math tools for students, we adopt and apply the most advanced software technologies avaiable.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Natural language processing and text generation
  • Functional programming
  • Mathematical formula visualizer
  • Animation format and player, specialized for mathematical presentaion
  • Pattern recognition and matching


FX Math Solver

Algebra 1/2, Calculus

FX Algerba Solver

Algebra 1/2

FX Calculus Problem Solver

College Algebra, Calculus

FX Math Junior Problem Solver

PreAlgebra, Algebra 1



This app solves equations with shown work absolutely beautifully. 5 stars and excellent job to the creators :)

by thefriendlystoner


I LOVE this app for doing my algebra homework. It does not only show the answer but it shows the work too. This app is a must for students taking algebra!

by Jrap321

I'm so happy!

Finally an app that is useful! It breaks down each problem, step by step! Thank you for helping me understand, now I have the confidence I need in order to succeed! This app will not disappoint.

by marmile


Everyone studying algebra needs this app. If you are unsure of an answer or just have no idea how to do a problem just type the question into the app and it will show you the answer and how to do the problem. 5/5 stars!! You do need to buy the full version to have the app show you how to solve the question though

by Lissdjff

Can I give a 6 stars review?!

This is the BEST APPS I ever downloaded from Apps Store. Thanks for giving solutions unlike other apps which they only gives answer and the solutions are extremely clear. Love this Apps :)

by A Lvin LoV3s BIGBANG

User made video

by JuanMontoyaCamilo

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